Season 2 Chapter 2: The Forgotten
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Logan and Marcus investigate Maureen’s apartment, finding a mysterious clue that leads them to an old friend. MARVEL’S WOLVERINE: THE LOST TRAIL, starring Richard Armitage as Wolverine. Directed by Brendan Baker. Associate Directed by Chloe Prasinos. Produced by Jenny Radelet Mast, Chloe Wilson and Daniel Fink. Written by Benjamin Percy. Featuring performances by Blair Brown (Bonnie Roach), Bill Heck (Gambit), Rodney Henry (Marcus), Bill Irwin (Jason Wyngarde), David Carl (Dude), Rachael Holmes (Maureen), Jim Ireland (Shop Owner), Christina Bennett Lind (Agent Pierce), and Jason Alan Carvell, Don Guillory, and Steven Rishard (Poker Players). For more information on WOLVERINE: THE LOST TRAIL, visit This episode is sponsored by Fracture ( and The White Vault podcast (
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Published 03/19/20
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