Fire to Advocate w/ Rev. Alisha Gordon
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Quick, get Alicia on the keys—'cause THIS girl is on fiyaaa! Our guest co-host, Rev. Alisha Gordon, is out here doing the Lord’s work & it’s LIT! As the founder and Executive Director of, Sis connects programming and policy to close the social and economic gap for Black single mothers. She & SJR talk pulpits & politics, their lived experiences as single moms in the church, taking on the Goliath of systemic inequalities, plus a life reimagined! And Delegation, W.E. kickin’ that whole “bootstrap mentality” to the curb. Advocacy involves those with access getting #BootsOnTheGround & institutions putting the resources where their mouth is. Now, gone ignite your passion & blaze a trail for baddies behind you! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp + Zocdoc + Athletic Greens. Holla at ‘em to REVOLUTIONIZE your health!
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