041 Integrating Magic Systems Without Stalling
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The guys discuss their magic systems thus far, and how they're integrating them into their stories at this early stage. Sure, this podcast is all about avoiding excessive worldbuilding, but there inevitably comes a time in the story plotting process when you need magic to do its thing...which means you have to know what that thing is, at least in general terms. How do you integrate your magic system into your story without using it as a crutch to simply get characters out of bad situations without considering the wider implications of its use? And how do you keep yourself from getting bogged down in tweaking the finer details while your story languishes on your hard drive? Plus, what are the guys drawing creative inspiration from right now? John is reading The Ember Blade by Chris Wooding and Vito is diving back into the multimedia universe of The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski. 
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Let's just say we have a new and improved version of the theme song today. Then stick around for a discussion of the guys' progress, John's experience rereading Lord Of The Rings recently, and even a little about alternative story telling media like video games. 
Published 02/25/20
Published 02/25/20
The guys give an update on their work from the past week and then dive into a listener-submitted excerpt of writing, illustrating with practical examples many of the points from their top ten list last week. They point out some good things and some things to bear in mind in making revisions. If...
Published 01/28/20