Side Quests, Presidential Stories, and Pro Wrestling
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This episode is full of so many side quests, Jeff and I manage to still get some wrestling talk into the show, but we wanted to give you, the Frederation, some more of what you love. Get ready for some untold stories from me, your uncle Freddie.  See for privacy information.
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Let me pull the curtain back and bring you behind the scenes on my wrestling project and my role with Premiere Streaming Network.  Plus I breakdown AEW Women’s wrestling. See for privacy information.
Published 06/08/23
Published 06/07/23
The aftermath of Jimmy Uso’s kick has been turned into yet another masterpiece by WWE.  The bloodline continues to draw in audiences with their family drama, and I give my thoughts on AEW Collisions’ upcoming episode with the return of CM Punk. See for privacy information.
Published 06/07/23