Side Quest Adventures with Uncle Freddie
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Let me pull the curtain back and bring you behind the scenes on my wrestling project and my role with Premiere Streaming Network.  Plus I breakdown AEW Women’s wrestling. See for privacy information.
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Published 09/21/23
When it comes to talent, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the world. On this bonus episode, I share behind-the-scenes details of how storylines you saw on tv came to life and how they played out backstage. Jeff and I also side quest with more stories about wrestlers in...
Published 09/21/23
This week Jeff and I bring you a treat. We debate, relive, and discuss the best and worst storylines from the past 20 years as we see it. From epic rivalries to shocking plot twists - we dive deep into these unforgettable moments. But that's not all! We also analyze which wrestling superstars...
Published 09/20/23