Freddie Sheds Light on Storylines he Personally Brought to Life
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When it comes to talent, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the world. On this bonus episode, I share behind-the-scenes details of how storylines you saw on tv came to life and how they played out backstage. Jeff and I also side quest with more stories about wrestlers in film and television. See for privacy information.
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Published 11/29/23
This year’s Survivor Series was one for the record books. Jeff and I predicted the winners and losers of each bought, but the ending of the show is something we didn’t see coming.  We also get into CM Punk’s return to WWE after 9 years. See for privacy information.
Published 11/29/23
The Thanksgiving tradition continues as WWE gives us Survivor Series War Games from Chicago.  I run down the card and give you my predictions, of course! In case you needed some advice on making gravy for your Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve got you covered.  See for privacy...
Published 11/23/23