Erotic Stories: Mafia, Dark Erotic Romance.
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"EVERYTHING about this podcast is so unbelievably GOOD." This story does contain graphic descriptions of oral sex, spanking and orgasm denial. Javier Vidal is working toward bringing the most influential man in the nation’s capital down. His father has monopolized the media industry, which veils his uncle’s covert Mafia empire. Using a formidable divide-and-conquer strategy put the fate of the economic and political elite in his father’s hands. It’s imperative Javier take control of things before it’s too late. His life is full of secrets, but the one he must protect at all costs is his obsession. Aveline Bianchi. She is now in his web. Trapped by a ruthless, territorial criminal mastermind. The demons inside Javier bring his most carnal impulses to the surface, pushing him to dominate her. To break and defile her. Javier must fully possess her—body and soul. Grab your copy at
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"His voice is so sexy, it will make your toes curl." With carnal thoughts of Martin and seduction a thing of the past, Lisa has already submitted to one man. Unaware another two were watching. But now, face with three handsome mountain men, trapped miles away from civilization in all this...
Published 02/04/23
"I am extremely horny after listening to it. | love this podcast" Lisa is travelling to a business ball dance. But she has one thing on her mind, the sedution of Martin. He obviously wants her and she had been waiting two years for him to make a move, but tonight she is going to make damn...
Published 01/28/23