Our Planet II
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In this episode of You Can't Make This Up, we are talking about the Netflix documentary series “Our Planet II" out now on Netflix. Host Rebecca Lavoie interviews executive producer Keith Scholey and series producer Huw Cordey. In every corner of our world, at any given moment, billions of animals have someplace important to be. From whales to pumas, from crablets to cranes – almost every animal migrates. They’re driven by instinct and patterns of their ancestors over millions of years – and the health of our planet depends on it. But as the climate warms and the impact of humanity spreads into ever more remote regions of the natural world, can these animals adapt to survive? “Our Planet II” takes us to some of the most remote locations on the globe and gives us never-before-seen images of creatures on the move and on the hunt. And as the animal kingdom moves with purpose, we must ask whether humans will stand in their way or help them get to where they need to be. SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched “Our Planet II" yet, make sure to add it to your watch-list before listening on.
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