The Deepest Breath
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In this episode of You Can't Make This Up, we are talking about the Netflix documentary “The Deepest Breath" out now on Netflix. Host Rebecca Lavoie interviews director Laura McGann. Freedivers compete by swimming straight down to the deepests depths and back to the surface, all on a single gulp of air. Alessia Zecchini pushed herself to go down farther than any woman before. But she can’t do it without safety divers like Stephen Keenan, great divers in their own right tasked with rescuing competitors who blackout before surfacing. “The Deepest Breath” follows the pair’s growing bond on land and sea. But their quest for world records and championships will place them both in mortal danger. SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched “The Deepest Breath" yet, make sure to add it to your watch-list before listening on.
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