Boost Your Website Traffic and Visibility, Mastering SEO with Expert Brandon Leibowitz
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Brandon Leibowitz and SEO In this chapter, Kellan Fluckiger introduces the podcast episode guest, Brandon Leibowitz, who has been helping businesses get more exposure and visibility online using SEO, since 2007. Leibowitz provides insights on how SEO can help businesses improve their online visibility and tap into free traffic. Chapter 2: White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Kellan Fluckiger and Brandon Leibowitz discuss the differences between white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Leibowitz explains that following Google's webmaster guidelines is essential for white hat SEO, while black hat SEO strategies are deceptive and can penalize your website by Google. Chapter 3: Importance of Following Google's Guidelines In this chapter, Leibowitz emphasizes the importance of following Google's guidelines for SEO success. By doing so, businesses can ensure their online visibility and avoid getting penalized by the search engine. He also stresses that Google's algorithm constantly changes, so staying up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices is crucial. Chapter 4: Brandon's Journey into SEO Leibowitz explains how he found his passion for SEO and digital marketing after assisting a company with their digital marketing back in 2007. He discovered that SEO was the future and a way to obtain free traffic, leading him to pursue it as a career. Chapter 5: The Changing Landscape of Google's Algorithm In this chapter, Leibowitz talks about how Google's algorithm changes all the time, making it necessary for SEO professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies. He enjoys this aspect of SEO as it keeps him engaged and challenged in his work. Chapter 6: Success Story of SEO for a Leasing Company Leibowitz shares a success story of how he helped a leasing company gain online visibility through SEO. By rebuilding their website and making it readable for search engines, their traffic increased significantly. He also talks about the importance of fixing technical issues like blocking websites from Google to ensure the website is visible to search engines. Chapter 7: Importance of Readable Websites for Search Engines In the final chapter, Leibowitz emphasizes how readable websites are crucial for search engines to rank your website. Websites that are not easily readable can hinder a business's online visibility, making it essential to ensure that websites are optimized for search engines. ----------------- SEO can be tough to learn on your why not learn from an expert. To connect with Brandon, you can check out his website at: or on his socials at --------------------------- Kellan always has a lot of programs, events, and appearances on the go. His next big adventure is hosting a 5-day challenge starting June 19, 2023. It's the 5-Day Clarity, Confidence, and Cash Accelerator Challenge to Unleash YOUR Story in Just 5 Days. New business owner? established business owner, entrepreneur? Not sure what direction you're going? Join the Challenge TODAY. Sign up at
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