Reflection, Introspection and Milfs
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On today's episode, Katie is getting deep and dark. First she goes dark with her review and recap of the new show Milf Manor. It’s truly disturbing. Then she gets deeps talking about the process of going through life changes and how we will not recognize our own face over night. Change can be scary, exciting and necessary and often manifesting in our appearance. Produced by Dear Media
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Published 02/28/24
We are currently on an Emo Cruise, but in this episode we talk about Reesa Teesa, Tom Sandoval’s New York Times Article, and our worst dating stories. Thank you to our sponsors: Apostrophe: To get started, just go to and click Get Started, then use our...
Published 02/28/24
This show is a wild ride... We discuss friends with benefits, situationships, one night stands, and hot dead people. P.S. we are also very drunk. Thank you to our Sponsors! OSEA: Start the New Year fresh with clean, vegan skincare and body care from OSEA. Get 10% off your first order site wide...
Published 02/21/24