Will Weinraub - Building Cryptoys, The Disney Of The Metaverse - Zima Red ep 98
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My guest today is Will Weinraub. Will is the founder of On-Chain studios which is creating Cryptoys. Cryptoys is an exciting NFT toy platform, that is creating interactive NFTs, play-to-earn experiences and much more. This was an amazing conversation, Will has deep experience as a founder, tinkerer and builder - having started and sold multiple businesses His first foray as an entrepreneur was at 13 years old making a wrestling fan website for a solid $100 bucks. Fast forward some years, Will created another startup called LiveNinja which was then acquired by a telecom company That is just a small sneak peek into our conversation but we dive into a ton of different topics like how to start your own business, the challenges that founders face, and of course Cryptoys which after hearing Will talk about it, I think is going to be huge. If you want to hear some stories from a top founder and about some leaked alpha, then you cant miss this episode Please enjoy my conversation with Will https://twitter.com/willweinraub https://twitter.com/CryptoysHQ
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