Sillytuna - The OG Who Sold A Punk For $12m AND Can See The Future - Zima Red ep 99
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My guest today is Sillytuna. Sillytuna has to be the OG-iest OGs out there. He is a game developer who got involved in bitcoin in 2012 and hasn't looked back since He is the creator and founder of numerous different projects and has done some really exciting things. From starting an NFT card game back in 2016, to his new project called Soulcast, and in 2021 he even sold an alien Cryptopunk for $12m dollars. This episode is like a masterclass in the history of crypto, NFTs, crypto gaming and what the future of this industry holds. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Sillytuna because his past experiences can teach us a lot about what to expect going forward. Before diving in, I will leave you with an exciting quote “We’ve got decades to go. We are the internet in 1994.” With that, please enjoy my conversation with Sillytuna
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