Yury Lifshits - SuperDAO: The “Shopify” for DAOs - Zima Red ep 119
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My guest today is Yury Liftshits. Yury is the founder of SuperDAO which is a platform for creating DAOs and DAO-related infrastructure. Essentially SuperDAO wants to become the one-stop-shop for all things launching, operating and expanding DAOs. This episode is crash course in the present and future of DAOs. Yury and I discuss How Yury worked on DAO and web3 based technology before bitcoin existed Which ways DAOs are better than companies and which ways they are not The major painpoints around DAOs How DAOs can co-exist with government regulation How investing is a new form of social connection and tribalism And why we are at the very beginnings of the DAO revolution Please enjoy my conversation with Yury https://twitter.com/yurylifshits https://twitter.com/Superdao_co
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