Multimedia Ghana
A mix of entertainment, education, fun and humour, delivered in tiny segments
Early morning Christian devotional and inspirational program
Analysis and discussion of news and topical issues in Ghana interspersed with music and listener interactions
An in-depth analysis of topical issues of the day with interviews, business and sports inserts
Late night music show featuring a mix of modern and classic music from all genres.
Conversations on issues of interest to the regular Ghanaian
Discussion and analysis of the topmost news story of the day
Three-hour-long Sunday morning sports discussion, review and analysis show.
Sports monologue show
Early morning Christian music-based devotional and inspirational show
A humour-packed sports update show mixed with foreign sports and news tit-bits as well as special interviews of breaking sports news.
A mix of entertainment, education, fun and humour, delivered in tiny segments
A knowledge-sharing experience on topics concerning business
News from the world of business.
Technology and Innovation show that introduces new tech and provides solutions to tech problems.
Analysis of news and hot topics from the Entertainment and Creative-Arts sector
Analysis and discussion of news and current affairs in Ghana with panellists
Early morning news bulletin in Akan
Adom FM Evening news bulletin.
Female talk show on Joy FM discussing women's lives and the issues affecting their daily lives.
A sports discussion show on Joy FM about big-name personalities and key issues in sports
Family show on building happy homes and blissful marriages
Discussions about health with health professionals
Music show featuring live performances by underground and upcoming musicians
Sports show discussing multiple sports disciplines featuring previews of the sporting weekend ahead.
Music-based entertainment show, providing the last jamming session before the working week begins
A socio-economic political talk show that discusses the major political, social and economic issues in Ghana.
Sports analysis programme covering local and international sporting events.
Discussion of the major sports leagues in Europe.
Evening sports news bulletin
Review and analysis of pertinent national issues in Twi
A fun-filled discussion of sports and sporting issues by female celebrities.
Reviving marriages by solving problems and giving advice.
Bringing you updates from the world of business
Joy Fm Afternoon News Bulletin
A social interactive program which discusses all types of problems affecting the regular person, providing insights and possible solutions where possible.
A news-analysis morning programme that discusses socio-political local news.
Conversational show on topical issues and current affairs with deep traditional and historical insights
A review and discussion of the major sporting issues with discussions by sports journalists and stakeholders.
An interactive sports magazine show with both local and foreign sports news content.
A thought-provoking show which provides a suspenseful scenario for listeners to imagine themselves in, and comment on
Personal development and motivational show that coaches business and corporate executives and emerging leaders
Soccer commentary of local leagues and discussion of major sports happenings over the weekend including pre-match discussions
Conversational talk show with important personalities celebrating their lives and achievements
Real-time sports update and live commentary show on big sporting leagues and events around the world
Time with God through music and inspirational messages