Podcast Episode 44: Maintaining after you reach your goal
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We’ve all been there — you get to your goal, only to put the weight right back on again once you’re done. In this podcast, we discuss how to prevent that from happening, and how to make your new you a permanent change! We start with some sobering information on your odds of maintaining (hint: they aren’t good).. and then talk about how to flip those odds in your favor with “the 10 commandments of weight-loss maintenance”.
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Published 11/16/20
Ever hear people say how much they love to workout? Are they full of it, or do they actually mean it? And if it’s true.. How do you get to a point where YOU can love it too? Since regular exercise is the key to long-term weight maintenance, this is your chance to dig in and see what YOU need to...
Published 08/05/19
Published 08/05/19