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Father Brown is traveling in Italy when he comes across a strange situation. An English family on vacation is in the guidance of a local courier, and the daughter is also flirting with an italian poet who appears to be something of a lothario. There is a true thief in their midst but it will be difficult to figure out who it is- we'll leave it up to you. 1001 Radio Days right here at Google Podcasts FREE: 1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales at Google Podcasts 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries at Google Podcasts: 1001 Sherlock Holmes Stories (& Tales from Arthur Conan Doyle) 1001 Ghost Stories & Tales of the Macabre on Spotify: 1001 Stories for the Road on Google Podcasts Enjoy 1001 Greatest Love Stories on Google Podcasts 1001 History's Best Storytellers: (author interviews) on Stitcher APPLE USERS Catch 1001 Heroes on any Apple Device here (Free):  Catch 1001 CLASSIC SHORT STORIES at Apple Podcast App Now: Catch 1001 Stories for the Road at Apple Podcast now: NEW Enjoy 1001 Greatest Love Stories on Apple Devices here: Catch 1001 RADIO DAYS now at Apple iTunes! NEW 1001 Ghost Stories & Tales of the Macabre is now playing at Apple Podcasts! NEW Enjoy 1001 History's Best Storytellers (Interviews) on Apple Devices here: NEW Enjoy 1001 Sherlock Holmes Stories and The Best of Arthur Conan Doyle Get all of our shows at one website: REVIEWS NEEDED . My email works as well for comments: [email protected] SUPPORT OUR SHOW BY BECOMING A PATRON! Its time I started asking for support! Thank you. Its a few dollars a month OR a one time. (Any amount is appreciated). YOUR REVIEWS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS AT APPLE/ITUNES AND ALL ANDROID HOSTS ARE NEEDED AND APPRECIATED! LINKS BELOW... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Big Two-Hearted River is one of Hemingway's first stories, written upon his return from the Italian Front in 1919, and released in 1924 as a part of his short story collection titled "In Our Time". Part One joins the protagonist Nick Adams, who we can safely assume is Hemingway, since he actually...
Published 09/25/22
Two men try to outwit and outclass each other for the love of Martha May Mangum but she scores a win when her father, jealous of the attention she is getting, picks up and moves away. That's when a treasure map shows up and leads our two heroes on a search for $300,000 worth of gold. ANDROID...
Published 09/18/22