Chloé Hayden on her autistic character in Heartbreak High
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In the middle of her UK book tour, Australian actress Chloé Hayden joins Jamie and Robyn in the studio to ask about her many hats. After shooting to worldwide fame as Quinni in Heartbreak High, in between giving talks advocating for autistic people, she’s also written her first book: "Different, Not Less: A neurodivergent's guide to embracing your true self and finding your happily ever after". Jamie and Robyn ask: How on earth has a 25 year old managed all that?! The award winning actress takes us through her journey including doctors thinking she’d been kicked in the head by one of her horses, moving to home schooling to save her life, and having to act out a meltdown in front of the cameras. Plus a listener has a question about being overestimated. Presented by Robyn Steward and Jamie Knight. Produced by Drew Hyndman and Edited by Clare Fordham. Listen via your smart speaker by saying "Ask the BBC for 1800 Seconds on Autism" and subscribe on BBC Sounds. Email us: [email protected].
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