My son was trying to escape!
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Robyn and Jamie are joined by Times journalist Jessie Hewitson whose son has a diagnosis of autism. She says that, when she first found out, she was attending typical local play activities with him. "I was taking him to those God awful music groups that you take toddlers to. They were absolute hell for my son - he was trying to escape I now realise." She talks candidly about the first time it was suggested to her that he might be autistic, how that made her feel and how she started to learn about this new neurodiverse world she finds herself in. Jessie is the author of Autism: How to raise a happy autistic child, published earlier in 2018. email the programme with any questions or points on [email protected] - we'll be doing a feedback show in January so look out for it. Don't forget to subscribe and tell your pals about us. The next podcast in this series will appear on your feed in early 2019 after the Christmas holidays.
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