HEADLINE 'I love change'
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Robyn and Jamie are joined by TV's Alan Gardner aka The Autistic Gardener. Alan was initially diagnosed by an education specialist after taking his son to be tested for dyslexia. Though it was randomly sprung on him, the diagnosis was not a big surprise. At an early age, the pink-haired presenter found a love for gardening which, over time, turned into a love for garden design and a career. Alan says that contrary to the popular stereotype, he's not a typical autistic person because he doesn't fear change, he embraces it. And he likes loud noises too. with Robyn Steward, Jamie Knight and Lion. email [email protected]
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How do you explain being in a long term loving relationship when you’ve not really had one yet? In her latest novel, The Cassandra Complex, Holly Smale attempts just that. She tells us about accidentally and then deliberately writing an autistic character, how being an autistic woman has left...
Published 03/27/23
Published 03/27/23
Monotropism. That’s a big word isn’t it? Well for one of our hosts it’s been a massive one. Jamie says it’s changed his life, so we are joined by one of the first people to theorise it, Dr Wenn Lawson, to explain just what it is and why it could help autistic people and those around them to live...
Published 03/27/23