The chavos and the balls welcome Cesar Hernandez to discuss the impact of Xolos v loyal in the region, as well as everything seleccion mexicana and some Liga MX talk!
Published 07/23/21
TV traded by an offer that was too good to pass Xolos friendly People were missing Important game for the club and locals/chavos Masakre showed up  What a great atmosphere    Euros Italy vs England Its coming to Rome Coach’s decision to have 3 youngsters shoot pks Mancini an underrated coach How does Italy’s future look, England’s very bright   Copa America Argentina vs Brazil Messi wins first international trophy Is Messi the GOAT now?? PSG players traveling back home happy,...
Published 07/13/21
Euros England win it at wembley England vs Denmark Itay beats Spain in Semis Italy vs England final?? Loyal Win vs roots barely Austin no audio Ties sac town last second 109 banter controversy This is the other side of the coin to playing “dramatic” football both in and off the field Off the ball movement on the goal Tied against Sacramento Xolos saturday What will happen if they do the chant Copa America Brazil in the final Argentina currently playing semifinal at 6 Messi’s time to win one?...
Published 07/07/21
We welcome back former USMNT player @JimmyConrad on this holiday weekend We vs renewed rivalry Never imagining @SdLandon coaching @GoldCup call ups, and is there enough rest for players MLS vs USL Euros 2020 Copa America https://linktr.ee/2ballsandamic
Published 07/05/21
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Published 06/25/21
Published 06/18/21
Loyal Bus trip Loyal vs Orange County No attack No Guido Progress Loyal vs Los Dos Didn’t look too good in first half Guido is a game changer Guido + Berry connection something to look forward to Tumi better than Ibarra Ticket Give Away Be at Barkada on Saturday Winner of most games will get a chance at winning tickets Euros Alv pinchi Erickson Italy opens up with 3-0 win Saturday Games Wales vs Switzerland Que pedo con Bale Juego aburrido Denmark vs Finland Erickson Belgium vs Russia Belgium...
Published 06/15/21
Sd Loyal The impact of berry is felt more than Ibarra and by a lot Tickets for Los dos have been given A question of fitness Why park the bus and how they parked the bus Yaro and Maher were absolute walls Mark better in the box Glenn Mexico vs USA Why Antuna Why not call chicharito We suck at set pieces Poor ref Whats the point of var if you still get shit wrong Lets not ignore the fact that the US got away with many fouls HH should have gotten a red card, Brooks as well How good is Lainez,...
Published 06/08/21
Memorial day Europa league Champions league Chelsea defense looking fantastic Storylines going into the game Timo Timo Timo Chelsea played the perfect game in the first half Away goal Loyal Do we just forget about everything? How long will this Pa Zidane aguero Copa America
Published 06/01/21
SD Loyal vs Louville Louville was overhyped That boy aint right Have to be more clinical on goal Mids can’t cover How many times are teams gunna have so much space and time in our box Loyal is such an emotional team Refuse to lower my standards for soccer  yedlin Loyal tix   Premier League The race for top 4 got intense Chelsea lost 2-1 to Aston Villa Liverpool won 2-0 clinching 3rd place Leicester had to beat Tottenham but Bale came in and handled Kane top scorer and top assist/where...
Published 05/25/21
La Liga  La Liga race is now between both Madrids What a joke is Barcelona Relegation battle   Premier League Champions League race is tight Allison saves Liverpool Chelsea choking??? Harry Kane    FA Cup Final VAR controversy??? Tielemans is underrated Leicester a part of the big 6 now??   Loyal Lost 3-1 against Tacoma Wtf is happening What does the team need? Highlights   Barkada We showed up and tony killed it Lots of fun Knees were hurt   NBA Playoffs Play in...
Published 05/18/21
⚽️  Champions league Chelsea get Madrid out Hazard controversy/ decline Epl is the best Istanbul Loyal  Vale madre espn “mobane/moshabaye” “zizzao” martiin” Pros/Cons Better team play, minute 50 Valen verga balon parado Landon needs to be a bigger presence Premier League Champions League final preview?? Chelsea beats City Aguero LOL Man U doesn’t give City the title yet Cavani se queda Champions League race Is Brendan Rodgers an elite coach??   La Liga Atletico vs...
Published 05/11/21
⚽️ Loyal Play breakdown Watch party Champions Chelsea held up Man city showing their power Premier City 3 points away Fans protest to block city from winning it La liga Barca athletics Close race 🏈 Draft: grades Round 1 Aaron Rodgers ⚽️ #soccer #epl #soccerpodcast #championsleague #manu #liverpool #mancity #laliga #ligamx #chivas #xolos #podcast #sdpodcast #sports #futbol #chelsea #sportspodcast #sports #soccer #futbol # #padres #wildcard #nfl #tatis #dodgers #bills #colts #joshallen #rams...
Published 05/05/21
We catch up with Dave Williamson as he prepares his "America. Meat Dave" comedy tour kicking off at Cali Comfort BBQ in San Diego, CA Thursday May 6th @ 7 PM We talk: Miami football Bonding with Warren Sapp over BBQ Refereeing his son's soccer game BBQ secrets and much more!
Published 05/03/21
Interview with 1904 FC player Moe Espinoza!   We discussed what its like growing up in the SouthBay, his career growing up, Chelsea banter and how he feels about the @NISALeague
Published 04/29/21
Published 04/28/21
Published 04/20/21
We check in with @ChavosdeLoyal for their plans for this upcoming @SanDiegoLoyal season. We get their reation to @trey_muse revealing who he looks up to, and what @aeguido tells us why he decided to return to his hometown of San Diego en ESPAÑOL    
Published 04/15/21
⚽️  Loyal  Tickets  Loss Merch mansión   Premier League  Chelsea dropped points Man U wins Liverpool chance at top 5 Can West Ham keep it up   La Liga/Copa del Rey Rescheduled final was played Sociedad won it Next final is on the 17th Barca have not lost a game in 2021 in the league Haaland to Barca?🤔   San Diego sockers  onto the championship  🏈 Dean spanos people’s court Attacked on Twitter for stadium talk ⚾️  Opening day Miguel Cabrera  Texas rangers sold out...
Published 04/06/21
Published 03/30/21
We sit down to talk with coach Alex Gontran and Midfielder Ozzie Ramos from NISA's 1904 FC. -2021 season -SD loyal pre season - Future of the club
Published 03/26/21