Brother vs. Brother
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Daron Wint’s bizarre arrest one week after the murders on Woodland Drive only added to the mystery surrounding the case. When he was taken into custody, Daron was with five other people, including his brother, Darrell. But the full story of Daron’s arrest wouldn’t be told until his murder trial -- when prosecutors called brother to testify against brother. This episode is written and produced by reporters Megan Cloherty and Jack Moore. Julia Ziegler is the content adviser. Visit to see photos, a map of key locations from the case, and an interactive blog where you can ask questions or leave your comments about each episode. "22 Hours: An American Nightmare" is a production of WTOP News in Washington, D.C. All music featured in "22 Hours: An American Nightmare" is licensed through Creative Commons and/or by permission of the artist. We're grateful to all the artists whose music has helped us tell this story. "Haters Hate" by Ramone Messam, used with permission of the artist; "Cast of Pods" by Doug Maxwell, available in the YouTube Audio Library; "Beyond the Lows" and “Incoming Transition” by The Whole Other, available in the YouTube Audio Library; and "Rhythmic Pulse," by Daniel Birch, licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0 International.
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Published 08/19/19