6&9 Q&A pt 2
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New week, new 6&9, new girls, new personalities LOL With a recent change of perspective, and a change of relationship status, the girls make a few edits to the last round of questions & answer some more of your asks! Covering everything from home decor, fighting with friends, meditation, fast fashion, how they create such exciting lives (and how they wind down from them) and so much more!  Thanks for your questions! SOCIALS: @6and9podcast, @lexiwood, @shannoncassidywood, @tiffanywoodxo  
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The girls are back & are catching you up on their latest adventures in NYC which include but aren't limited to sex clubs, erection gummy bears, birthday parties, drinking champagne on a sailboat, dating, new relationships, and finally taking their own advice & ushering in everything that...
Published 10/18/22
Published 09/20/22
It's time for the first 6&9 Q&A of season 2! The girls are dishing on their biggest turn offs, birth control (protect&pray), the 3 month rule of dating, finding happiness, toxic positivity (& negativity) on social media, their experience living in LA, the best way to fight with a...
Published 09/06/22