The girls are back & are catching you up on their latest adventures in NYC which include but aren't limited to sex clubs, erection gummy bears, birthday parties, drinking champagne on a sailboat, dating, new relationships, and finally taking their own advice & ushering in everything that was meant for them! When you know, you know! SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 10/18/22
New week, new 6&9, new girls, new personalities LOL With a recent change of perspective, and a change of relationship status, the girls make a few edits to the last round of questions & answer some more of your asks! Covering everything from home decor, fighting with friends, meditation, fast fashion, how they create such exciting lives (and how they wind down from them) and so much more!  Thanks for your questions! SOCIALS: @6and9podcast, @lexiwood, @shannoncassidywood,...
Published 09/20/22
Published 09/20/22
It's time for the first 6&9 Q&A of season 2! The girls are dishing on their biggest turn offs, birth control (protect&pray), the 3 month rule of dating, finding happiness, toxic positivity (& negativity) on social media, their experience living in LA, the best way to fight with a friend, how to get a guy to kiss you, their dream weddings (or lack there of) and so much more! Stay tuned next week for part two! SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 09/06/22
She's a 10 but she hops on a trend 17 years late. This week the girls are finally putting their spin on the he's a 10 game by talking way too much and forgetting to actually rate anyone. Not your average questions, the girls take the opportunity to roast eachother and themselves with personal and EMBARRASSING stories disguised as innocent questions. SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 08/23/22
In this episode of 6&9, the girls take a break from being feral drunk weasels to let you in on what they're doing to unlock their wellness era. Green smoothies, cold showers, meditation, and switching out their tequila for good old water, they're not the wellness gurus you need, but the ones you're stuck with. Cheers! 
Published 08/09/22
Catching you up on more of last month's adventures, the girls share their stories at the club they say they'll never go to again (but always go back to), Lexi shares one of her most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, and the girls take the opportunity to discuss all things INTIMATE, including their favorite down-there beauty products, and the latest controversial trend (??????) vabbing. If you don't know, now you know- although you might not want to.
Published 08/02/22
Did you miss us? The girls are back after a long month of travel, sickness, breakups, makeups, double dates, love triangles, drunk adventures, hangovers, and so much more. Catching you up on all things 6&9- you're not going to want to miss this episode.  SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 07/26/22
In this episode the girls sit down to discuss their latest wild night out (that includes narrowly escaping a family bar brawl) and hot topics from the week (their 1 year podcast anniversary, rating BDE celebs, lexi's poor dating skills, f*cking vs making love, upcoming travels and their foray into sexy silly serena van der woodsen summer. 
Published 06/14/22
IT'S OUR 1ST BIRTHDAY! To celebrate we've partnered with @pull_publicrelations (the amazing team that hosted our unforgettable launch party one year ago today) and some of our favorite brands to put together a big THANK YOU gift for one lucky listener! The winner will also receive a zoom call with us where we can hang out, chat, share a cocktail (or mocktail), give advice, etc. TO ENTER DO THESE 2 THINGS + a bonus entry (optional): 1. follow @6and9podcast on instagram 2. share a...
Published 06/08/22
This week on 6&9 the girls began by playing a game of drink or dish and quickly realized that there's nothing they wouldn't dish to the 6&9 listeners (as if you didn't know that already.) A game of Never Have I Ever seemed more likely to get them drunk because... they have (as if you didn't know that already.) Make yourself a cocktail and play along!
Published 06/07/22
On this episode, Lexi, Shannon, and Tiffany sit down with an energy wine spritzer concoction and a full agenda of topics to discuss. Head vs heart vs vagina. Baccarat Rouge is doing too much. Don't put a lip tint on your nipples (they'll burn but they will taste like grape popsicles). Small wieners and big egos. Lexi and Tiffany are in a love square. XL balls. Face sitting is not a good sex position, however sitting on the same side of the booth hits different. And other controversial takes...
Published 05/31/22
Welcome to SEASON 2 of 6&9! The girls take a new approach to the episode format with MORE personal stories, more conversations, more topics, and more drinking. In the first episode of season 2 the girls share wild stories from their latest bender-adventures that includes strip clubs, falling on their faces, blowjobs in the club, fighting a grown ass man in a penthouse, throwing bananas around a times square bodega with cara delevigne, running into exes, and more (if you can believe it.) 
Published 05/24/22
EPISODE 43: This story starts with a DM (or 10), then a slip text, then a romance, and suddenly ends in Coachella Valley... Sorry to break it to you, but there's no fairytale ending. In this week's episode of 6&9 the girls are starting their journey of being more vulnerable with the 6&9 audience and are sharing a personal story that's unbelievable and relatable all at the same time. It's time to get deeper! SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 05/03/22
EPISODE 42: The Q&A's never get old. This week the girls get real and answer your questions covering everything from their best kisses, how to get over a situationship, dealing with social anxiety, where they find their motivation to hustle and get $hit done, and so much more! Listen for all of the juiceeeeee. SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 04/26/22
EPISODE 41: One of the most requested topics is coming to you this week on 6&9! This tuesday the girls are sharing their best tips and tricks when it comes to finding your style, rocking it with confidence, and not giving a f#ck about what anyone has to say about it. Confidence is key!  SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 04/12/22
EPISODE 40: In this episode the girls expose their biggest sibling beef (just kidding) and throw it back to when they liked the same guy (they can explain.) Lexi and Tiffany break down comparison, competition, and how it really feels to have a super hot sister while Shannon shares her best tips on how to encourage individuality while raising two bad bitches ;) SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 04/05/22
EPISODE 39: This week the 6&9 girls are sharing their come up in the fashion industry. From living in cockroach quarters to living their dreams- it hasn't always been glamorous (spoiler alert: some times STILL aren't glamorous.) Tiff shares an exciting life update with the 6&9 listeners before telling anyone else and Shannon cries (again.) Don't give up on your dreams. SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 03/29/22
EPISODE 38: The girls are back with a spicy Q&A! This week they're answering all of your questions surrounding feminism, spray tanning tips, hair removal, relationship dealbreakers, love at first sight, 'the athlete body', and their upcoming travels all while sharing lots (and lots and lots) of laughs!  SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 03/22/22
EPISODE 37: In this episode the girls discuss good boys and bad boys. and good boys that act like bad boys. and bad boys that act like good boys. A complicated subject broken down so far it might be even more complicated. The girls share their experiences with the good and the bad and as always, offer their advice to 6&9 listeners that might be experiencing the same things. SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 03/08/22
EPISODE 36: This week on 6&9, the girls are discussing the freedom of just saying 'f#ck it!' From jobs, relationships, dropping out of school, to wild travel plans, the girls share their experiences of saying yes and all of the power and good times that come with it. After all, you only regret the things you didn't do! SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 03/01/22
EPISODE 35: This episode was recorded with the beauty lovers in mind! This week on 6&9, the girls are breaking down the best of the best of their makeup routine essentials! From flawless foundation, blinding highlight, to miscellanious makeup essentials they couldn't live without. This episode is filled with tried and true industry secrets, their best product recommendations and game-changing tips and tricks! SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 02/22/22
EPISODE 34: A listener favorite. It's time for another Q&A. This week, the girls rounded up your most asked questions and are sharing stories about therapy, sex confidence, life and death experiences, surgery, their favorite workouts, and of course, in true 6&9 fashion, their vagina names. Listen & learn (maybe a bit more than you wanted to.) SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 02/15/22
EPISODE 33: This one is FOR THE BOYS! This week, the girls are showing love to all of the male 6&9 listeners by sharing their best ever dating tips for the boys. Car door etiquette, grocery store roses, sex on the first date, and everything in between. BOYS- YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE.  SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 02/08/22
EPISODE 32: Upon request, this week the girls are breaking down everything astrology! With absolutely no official knowledge and a whole lot of bias, they drag some signs (their exes) and praise others (their own) and discuss everything (and everyone) in between. SOCIALS: @6and9podcast @lexiwood @shannoncassidywood @tiffanywoodxo
Published 01/25/22