On this episode we heard from a pregnant woman who was very upset after meeting a heroin addict, who was also pregnant. We asked what should happen to children born to addicted Mothers??
Published 01/24/22
On this episode of Opinions Matter Jeremy urged listeners to keep wearing face masks - even when they are no longer required. This gathered a huge and very mixed reaction, and led to a bit of a stand off between himself and Katie on air. What are your thoughts on this?
Published 01/21/22
Warning: Listener Discretion Advised - This podcast contains material that is extremely sensitive and potentially very distressing Today we had the most open and compelling discussion that we have ever had on bullying. A childhood bully broke down live on air while recalling the torture she inflicted on her own helpless victims, and how she destroyed their lives. A Dublin man was also inconsolable while recalling his own traumatic story.
Published 01/19/22
On this episode we heard from parents who were annoyed at primary schools holding a minutes silence for Ashling Murphy. May believe young kids should be shielded from hearing about the tragedy...others feel they need to know we live in a bad world!
Published 01/18/22
On this episode we heard from a Mother who has banned her teens from getting into relatioships, as she doesn't want them getting their hearts broken. One womans shocking story of what happened to her at 16 will make you think twice.
Published 01/17/22
On this episode of Opinions Matter Adrian & Katie were left literally unable to breathe after a Dublin man confessed his MAJOR faux pas live on air!! It is the funniest story we have ever heard!! Once you hear this you will not be able to get this image out of your head. The shame!!!
Published 01/15/22
On this episode we heard from a Romanian woman annoyed that a man, who was questioned over the Ashling Murphy murder (but subsequently released and no longer a suspect) was identified in the media as Romanian. She says it created unecessary hatred towards her community.
Published 01/14/22
On this epsiode of Opinions Matter we spoke about the tragic murder of Ashling Murphy yesterday in Tullamore. Listeners broke down while speaking about the savage attack. We spoke to women who say they don't feel safe when out and about alone and asked what can be done to stop this.
Published 01/13/22
On this episode we heard about social media backlash after a Tallaght Mother of 4 was named and shamed by the Sunday World for stealing €44 worth of toys from Smyth's. "Stealing is Stealing" say some..."Have some compassion" say others!!!
Published 01/11/22
On this edition of Opinions Matter Adrian and Katie were left literally in tears of laughter when they asked listeners to answer a very simple question. We could not believe the filth and vulgarity that some of our listeners are capable of - you have to hear it to believe it. This is guaranteed to make you laugh.
Published 01/11/22
On this episode of Opinions Matter Katie divided listeners when she said that it is time for the Government to stop annoucing daily Covid figures. She believes the constant hype around Covid19 needs to stop and people need to be able to get on with their lives - though some people didnt agree with her.
Published 01/10/22
On this episode we spoke to a woman who believes that all cannabis users will eventually lead to harder drugs. She annoyed our listeners with some very harsh comments about Cannabis users.
Published 01/07/22
In this episode we spoke with a heartbroken woman who admits she is being "mentally tortured" as a result of her sexless, loveless relationship. We received hundreds of messages of support for Tracey during the broadcast, with many pleading with her to leave him now.
Published 01/06/22
With the Covid Vaccine portal now open for 5-11 yr. olds we had the most open debate on the issue you'll hear anywhere. Adrian & Katie debated the pros and cons with listeners...and each other!
Published 01/05/22
On this episode we speak to a man called Robin Campbell who's convinced that the Earth is actually FLAT...and we're being lied to that about it being ball shaped!!! This is mad stuff!
Published 01/04/22
On this episode we discussed something that many of us have had to deal with...getting rid of friends that aren't real friends. 'Friends' who cause more pain than good. How do you get rid of 'toxic friends'?
Published 12/28/21
In this episode Adrian pleads with Jeremy to get rid of his cats before new baby arrives. We hear shocking stories of 'when jealous cats attack', but Jeremy's not listening!!
Published 12/23/21
On this episode we spoke again to Bridget, who recently found horrific stories of paedophilic abuse on her daughters phone, through the "WattPad" app. She notified her childs school who were aware the 'book' app was being used by students, but failed to notify parents.
Published 12/22/21
On this episode we heard from a listener who is happy in her new relationship...only problem is her kids don't like him. Should she end the relationship for her kids...or is she entitled to her own happiness.
Published 12/21/21
On this episode we heard from a woman who's sister won't allow any of her fully vaccinated family see her new baby, because she's so worried about Covid. Is this an over the top reaction or understandable.
Published 12/20/21
On this episode we heard from a Father, who's wife want's to install the "Find My Kids" tracker app on his 13 year olds phone. Is it an invasion of a teenagers privacy...or safety at all costs. One woman told us she tracks her entire family!!!
Published 12/16/21
On this episode Adrian is disgusted with Jeremy after he admitted 'ratting' on customers in a bar when he spotted them pouring their own drink out of their handbags!!!!
Published 12/15/21
On this episode we debated the emotive issue of Euthenasia / Assisted suicide...and asked how people felt about it being introduced in Ireland
Published 12/14/21
On this episode Adrian & Katie got into a heated debate after she admitted advising her young son to hit back if he's picked on. Adrian argued she should teach him to walk away.
Published 12/13/21