Punk is Dead and So Are We. Part Two
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Matthew and Jason are joined again by Chris from the Regrettable Century podcast to wrap up our discussion on pop-culture. Discussed: television and film with particular attention to the horror genre. Is art impossible in our moment? We don't know and that's the point. Enjoy.  Fischer, Ernst The Necessity of Art  Brooklyn NY,  London,  Verso, 2010 Game of Thrones The Godfather Hereditary The Lighthouse Midsommar Star Wars The Witch Death Wish
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We're back for a second season as Matthew and Jason are joined by a special guest to discuss the pleasures and pitfalls of popular culture. Discussed: sports, music, television and film. 
Published 08/31/21
Jason and Matthew exhale some exhaust from the Culture Wars, discussing Cultural Marxism, social media as the new heights of bourgeois rule, and how not to talk to people. 
Published 02/24/21
Matthew and Jason reflect on their time and lessons (un)learned in the left. 
Published 02/17/21