Jason and Matthew exhale some exhaust from the Culture Wars, discussing Cultural Marxism, social media as the new heights of bourgeois rule, and how not to talk to people. 
Published 02/24/21
Matthew and Jason reflect on their time and lessons (un)learned in the left. 
Published 02/17/21
Cut of from the world by the pandemic, Jason and Matthew address other issues that they are in no position to change in a second consideration of the legacy of Stalin and the state socialist governments.
Published 02/09/21
Jason and Matthew explore their own "thaw" on Stalinism and reflect on the consequences of 1989. 
Published 02/02/21
Jason and Matthew try to bury the question of the extreme right in the USA. 
Published 01/25/21
Published 01/19/21
Stop calling it fascism and stop talking to the FBI. Matthew and Jason square up the alt-right scene. 
Published 01/19/21
Jason and Matthew call the Capitol riot what it really is: a lynch mob. 
Published 01/18/21
One week following the US 2020 election Jason and Matthew discuss the unsettling consequences of an uncertain election. 
Published 01/18/21
Jason and Matthew try to figure out what happened on election night and reflect back on the Bernie Sanders campaign. 
Published 01/18/21