with @jeffiel @davidu @smc90 The rise of developers -- as buyers, as influencers, as a creative class -- is a direct result of "software eating the world", since every company is a tech company (whether they know it or not). Developers are therefore the key to solving business problems and to thriving not just surviving, argues Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio, in his new book, Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century. Lawson shares...
Published 01/13/21
with @mmasnick @smc90 All about section 230 of the Communications Decency Act in "one of the clearest-but-still-nuanced explainers I've heard" (per WIRED)
Published 01/09/21
with @pmarca @vijaypande If software’s eating the world -- and more specifically, bringing costs down and increasing productivity through entire industries -- why have some industries, like healthcare, been so resistant?
Published 01/06/21
with @GretchenAMcC @smc90 In a year that left us speechless, 2020 has been filled with new words unlike any other”... so it's unprecedented that for the first time, the Oxford English Dictionary did NOT name a word of the year. But do we really need the dictionaries to tell us what our words of the year are? From remote work portmanteaus to scientific discourse in a pandemic (for better and for worse) to social movements and more -- we take a whirlwind tour through the words of the year,...
Published 12/24/20
Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel tells the story of not just the vaccine’s development, but the machine that made the vaccine: the platform, the technology, and the moves behind the vaccine’s development. Aired on Bio Eats World right after FDA EUA.
Published 12/21/20
Special omnibus episode combining two previous episodes on the a16z Podcast network, discussing the relevance, considerations, and problems/ solutios of the Paycheck Protection Program (or PPP) from the Small Business Administration (and the role of government stimulus/ pandemic relief for the economy) and where tech comes in.
Published 12/14/20
with @DCoolican @illscience @laurenmurrow The intersection of social networks and finance—as well as shifting attitudes around what we share about money online—have given way to an ambitious new wave of financial products. Fintech partner Anish Acharya, formerly a product manager at Credit Karma, consumer partner D’Arcy Coolican (who himself is a former founder in this space), and host Lauren Murrow discuss why the “holy grail” of social plus finance is both so challenging and, potentially,...
Published 12/07/20
with @martin_casado @armon @smc90 As companies evolve -- especially from product to sales to scaling operations -- so must the leaders. But can the same person transition across all these phases? When and when not; what are the qualities, criteria, and tradeoffs to be made? Two enterprise startup CTOs share a glimpse into their journeys on the question of to CEO or not to CEO; managing their psychology and tactics for managing transitions; and much more.
Published 12/04/20
What happens if we treat food as a medicine in the healthcare system?
Published 11/26/20
This episode features Q&As with two artists who are exploring crypto-powered auction sites and marketplaces – this is part of our ongoing series on the creator economy. The big picture is that emerging "tokenization" models, especially non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are creating new ways for collectors and investors to buy, sell, and trade digital art. More broadly, these innovations open the door to the tokenization of any products or collectibles that can be captured and owned...
Published 11/22/20
with @vintweeta @jorgecondebio @smc90 Given our early and ongoing coverage of coronavirus in this feed, we share a recent episode of 16 Minutes breaking down the 4 D's and what to know about recent news around the vaccines.
Published 11/20/20
True cloud-native games—those exclusive to and solely playable within the cloud—are poised to revolutionize gameplay and unlock new avenues of hyper-personalized storytelling and socializing. In this episode, Jade Raymond, VP of Stadia Games and Entertainment, and a16z partner Jonathan Lai, formerly of Riot Games and Tencent, talk about the challenges in building cloud-native games, their potential to upend prevailing business models and pricing, and most importantly, the spontaneous, social,...
Published 11/16/20
Lakes v. warehouses, analytics v. AI/ML, SQL v. everything else... As the technical capabilities of data lakes and data warehouses converge, are the separate tools and teams that run AI/ML and analytics converging as well?
Published 11/13/20
with Matt Abrahams & smc90 Whether managing a meeting, doing a panel, conducting a live event, presenting a talk, or even hosting a podcast, these are expert best practices for moderation discussions across modes and mediums. Including managing unruly discussions; anxiety; presence in virtual environments; and more.
Published 11/05/20
with @vpostrel @smc90 The story of textiles is the history of technology and science -- across all kinds of fields, from biology to chemistry -- of commerce (and management, measurement, machines) -- but most of all, of civilization itself. That's what the new book, The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World is all about: It is a story of innovation across time and place, of human ingenuity... which is also the theme of the a16z Podcast, and of this inaugural book episode with...
Published 10/24/20
Just having data is not enough: it takes an entire system of tools and technology to extract value from data. a hallway style conversation between Ali Ghodsi, CEO and Founder of Databricks, and a16z general partner Martin Casado explore the evolution of data architectures.
Published 10/23/20
with @tzhongg @conniechan Gen Z—those born between 1995 and 2010—now makes up 35 percent of the population and represent $143 billion dollars in spending power. This episode is all about how brands can better understand, collaborate with, and resonate with this hugely influential segment of consumers.  Our guest, Tiffany Zhong, is the 24-year-old CEO of Zebra IQ, a company that helps brands interpret the wants of Gen Z consumers and helps Gen Z creators turn their content into businesses.
Published 10/19/20
with @gustavs @conniechan @smc90 We've talked a lot about podcasting, so where are we going with the future of audio, more broadly? Can we borrow from the present and future of video (e.g., TikTok) to see what's next in audio; can we borrow from the past of audio (i.e., radio) to see what's next for audio experiences (more blending of music, talk, podcasting)? Where do all these mediums converge and where do they diverge, when it comes to user experience, product design, recommendations,...
Published 10/14/20
Today’s episode is a conversation about four big trends in the tech world. Any one of these trends would be notable on its own, but we cover all four in this hallway-style chat, as a16z General Partner Chris Dixon talks with Sep Kamvar (professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT and now cofounder of cryptocurrency platform Celo); and Elad Gil (investor and the cofounder of health technology company Color Genomics, and formerly at Twitter and Google). This is a wide-ranging survey of some of...
Published 10/11/20
with @annieduke @jeff_jordan All kinds of decisions, whether in life or business -- like marriage product management, what to eat or watch -- are a portfolio of investments. And obviously, not all decisions are equal; in fact, sometimes we don't even have to spend any time deciding. So how do we know which decisions to spend time on, which ones not to? What are the strategies, mindsets, tools to help us decide? How can we operationalize good decision hygiene into our teams and organizations?...
Published 10/08/20
with @mira404 @illscience @seema_amble @laurenmurrow Millennials and Gen Z have been hard-hit by the one-two punch of the 2008 and 2020 financial crises. That experience has radically shaped their approach to finances and their mindset around credit and debt. This episode explores how fintech founders are now designing products tailored to the financial challenges of younger consumers, from managing and avoiding student loans to building credit to saving and budgeting apps. Historically,...
Published 10/01/20
with @carolynbertozzi @lr_bio This is the second episode in our new show, Bio Eats World, a brand new podcast all about how biology is technology. This show now includes Journal Club, where we discuss groundbreaking research articles, why they matter, what new opportunities they present, and how to take the findings from paper to practice. Be sure to subscribe (and rate if you like) this show, and to learn more about the expanding a16z Podcast network, please go to a16z.com/podnetwork
Published 09/27/20
with @kristenfortney @laurademing @vijaypande @omnivorousread This is the very first episode in our new show, Bio Eats World, a brand new podcast all about how biology is technology: Bio is breaking out of the lab and clinic and into our daily lives -- on the verge of revolutionizing our world in ways we are only just beginning to imagine. In this first episode, we talk all about the science of aging. Be sure to subscribe (and rate if you like) this show, and to learn more about the...
Published 09/23/20
with @eugenewei @smc90 TikTok's For You Page algorithm (which could yet be excluded from the deal given Chinese government recently revised export controls around source code) enabled it to grab massive marketshare in cultures and markets never experienced firsthand by the engineers and designers in China, beating out other dominant players in the United States. But well beyond the specifics and politics of this deal, what does its "algorithm friendly" product design tell us about...
Published 09/20/20
Today’s episode, part two in our two-part series on the Creator Economy, focuses on the new potential revenue streams and fan-engagement models opened up by emerging decentralized technology. It's a new type of fan club, driven by crypto networks and aiming to give creators more power in the commercial sphere. Zoran Basich of a16z talked to two guests deeply immersed in these topics. Kayvon Tehranian is the founder and CEO of Foundation Labs, a platform for buying and selling limited edition...
Published 09/18/20