with @andrewchen @jeff_jordan @smc90 What happens as marketplaces and other platforms evolve over time, and different kinds of users also join over time? After user acquisition, it's all about user retention and engagement. So what are the key metrics?
Published 02/20/20
Susan Rice is interviewed by a16z General Partner Kathryn Haun. Rice, the former National Security Advisor and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., learned early in life the importance of toughness in the face of adversity. In this discussion, she shares many more lessons from her personal life and career, including how to stay calm during crises, not letting others define you, and work-life balance.
Published 02/14/20
CAR T therapy, the groundbreaking new medicines that uses engineered T-cells to attack cancer, has been so effective in childhood leukemias that we believe it may actually be a cure. But this isn't just one new medicine, it's an entirely new therapeutic tool—and a total paradigm shift from most traditional medicines we've seen before.
Published 02/07/20
with @francescagino and @omnivorousread In this episode of the a16z Podcast, Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino, a social scientist who studies organizations, breaks down what makes rebels different in how they tend to see and do things—whether that’s cooking, flying planes, or holding board meetings—and what we can all learn from “rebel talent” to make our organizations more productive and innovative.
Published 02/04/20
with @heyjudka @smc90 This episode of 16 Minutes on the news from a16z (cross-posted here as well) covers what we know and what we don't know about the recent coronavirus outbreak 2019-nCoV. Topics covered include the what, when, how -- and where genomics comes in.
Published 01/30/20
The idea of "1000 true fans" argued that to be a successful creator, you don’t need millions of customers or clients, as long as you also have a direct relationship with those fans. But how is media changing today as a result, and what nuances do people often miss about the concept? And why are we apparently surrendering our attention (whether to TV, books, or whatever) for only $3 an hour?!
Published 01/27/20
with @cjgbest @robertcottrell @andrewchen @smc90 A new ecosystem is forming around the direct relationship between consumers, content creators, and the tools and business models to facilitate all that. We're not just seeing this phenomenon in newsletters and podcasting, but also in people setting up e-commerce shops, video streaming, and more. Are the stars and the incentives finally aligned?
Published 01/27/20
Chris Dixon, a16z General Partner, is interviewed by Jonah Peretti, founder and CEO of Buzzfeed. They discuss all things internet, including how innovation comes about, the ways disparate trends collide, and more.
Published 01/19/20
AI can do a lot of specific tasks as well as, or even better than, humans can — for example, it can more accurately classify images, more efficiently process mail, and more logically manipulate a Go board. While we have made a lot of advances in task-specific AI, how far are we from artificial general intelligence (AGI), that is AI that matches general human intelligence and capabilities? In this podcast, a16z operating partner Frank Chen interviews Stuart Russell, Founder of the Center for...
Published 01/16/20
The federal agency known as the FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, was born over 100 years ago—at the turn of the industrial revolution, in a time of enormous upheaval and change, and rapidly emerging technology. The same could be said to be just as true today. This wide-ranging conversation between Principal Commissioner of the FDA Amy Abernethy and Vijay Pande, GP on the Bio Fund at a16z, discusses how the agency is evolving to keep pace with the scientific breakthroughs like CRISPR...
Published 01/14/20
with @vasnarasimhan @jorgecondebio @vijaypande @smc90 How does the world’s largest producer of medicines in terms of volume balance the science and  the business of innovation, from R&D to go to market to talent and more?
Published 01/11/20
with @jorgecondebio and @smc90 A look-back and look-forward on the topic of personal genomics, given recent and past retrospective and prospective pieces in the media on the topics of DNA sequencing, personalized medicine, criminal investigations, genetic privacy and large datasets, multiomics, and more.
Published 01/06/20
Kevin Kelly interviews Marc Andreessen at our most recent innovation Summit; they discuss the evolution of technology, key trends, and why they're the most optimistic people in the room.
Published 01/02/20
with @mikeleiter @katie_haun What does the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) and updates to the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) mean for founders taking investments from or doing joint ventures with foreign entities or just doing business globally in general? What does and doesn't CFIUS cover, and how might one structure partnerships strategically as a result?
Published 12/23/19
A bold proposal: You go to college for free, then pay back the school after graduation—but only if you get a job in your field of study and make a high enough salary to afford it. It's called an income share agreement, and Austen Allred, the CEO and cofounder of Lambda School, thinks it's the future of education.
Published 12/19/19
with @shondarhimes @pmarca The creator of hit shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and others, writer and executive producer Shonda Rhimes shares lessons she's learned about pitching ideas, storytelling, leadership, and scaling a business across mediums.
Published 12/17/19
with @pmarca and @mjr2 In this special guest hosted episode -- cross-posted from the new show Starting Greatness (featuring interviews with startup builders before they were successful, hosted by Mike Maples jr) -- Marc Andreessen shares some rare, behind-the-scenes details of his story from 0 to 1... from the University of Illinois and Mosaic to Netscape.
Published 12/17/19
with @stacey_cunning barrymccarthy @smc90 Another route to the public markets is the direct listing, recently reinvented for tech companies (with Spotify and Slack so far). This episode of the a16z Podcast brings together two experts from the frontlines -- the architect of the direct listings in their current form, the CFO of Spotify; and president of the NYSE, where they were listed -- in conversation with Sonal Chokshi to share more about the what, the how, and the why from an insider...
Published 12/11/19
How do you build, set, shape, fix, change, culture? Sharing practical advice while drawing on examples of culture as code from a thousand years ago to today, as shared in his new book What You Do Is Who You Are, Horowitz shares the power of song and story. Including even violent, "shocking" ones that reset cultures, because they make you ask, WHY?!
Published 12/07/19
The world's largest shopping days (Black Friday, Singles Day in China, Prime Day online, and so on) means shipping lots and lots of boxes, via big-box retailers and container ships -- but that's not the only reason we're re-running this episode of the a16z Podcast from 2017 with The Box author Marc Levinson. It's because we love logistics and infrastructure, and is really about how global innovation happens... through all sorts of invisible details.
Published 12/03/19
For most of us, nurses are essentially the face of the healthcare system. In this episode, we take a look at the role of that unsung hero of healthcare, the nurse, from an industry level.
Published 11/28/19
Many believe that podcasts -- authentic, intimate -- are organic conversations without editing. But most of the work often happens before and after the conversation itself, in everything from the programming to the editing. In this special 500th (!) episode of the a16z Podcast, editor-in-chief and showrunner Sonal Chokshi (in conversation with a16z general partner Connie Chan) shares answers to FAQs about the how, what, and why of the a16z Podcast, and broader editorial operation. They also...
Published 11/27/19
Many technical founders believe that great products and ideas sell themselves, without any extra effort or marketing. But in reality, they often need public relations (PR). The irony is, most of the work involved in PR is actually invisible to the public. So how does such brand-building really work? In this 10-year anniversary episode of the a16z Podcast, a16z operating partner Margit Wennmachers shares the case study of her work at The Outcast Agency (which she co-founded) and of building...
Published 11/20/19
From Fortnite to Untitled Goose Game, next-generation video games are unlike anything we've seen before. These are the tech trends turning gaming into a massive, culture-defining phenomenon.
Published 11/02/19
Consumer software may have adopted and incorporated AI ahead of enterprise software, where the data is more proprietary, and the market is a few thousand companies not hundreds of millions of smartphone users. But recently AI has found its way into B2B, and it is rapidly transforming how we work and the software we use, across all industries and organizational functions.
Published 10/24/19