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Follow-up: YouTube API weirdness (via Christian Selig) John’s [latest] Photoshop complaint €0.50 is “50 cents” Prescription lens pairing Wide Lightning™ and Wider Lightning™ Developer Strap (requires developer account) Vision Pro weight discussed in Vanity Fair Bluetooth peripherals Intel Macs & Mac Virtual Display Support Document Vision Pro syncs when not in use Performance throttling Vision Pro for movies & TV Color reproduction iFixit estimates resolution “Ideal” field of view for movies Pixels per degree: iPad Pro 11” @ 14” / 35cm = 67 ppd 65” 4K TV @ 5 feet / 1.5m = 76 ppd Pro Display XDR @ 2 feet / 0.6m = 100 ppd Real vs. Fake 3D iFixit Teardown Video part 1 Video part 2 Vision Pro initial thoughts John on spatial computing Captain EO Soarin’ VAC Post-show: Casey’s Vision Pro train experience Casey Neistat’s video Sponsored by: Trade Coffee: Let’s coffee better. Get a free bag of fresh coffee with any Trade subscription. Squarespace: Save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code ATP. Become a member for ad-free episodes, member specials, and our early-release, unedited “bootleg” feed!
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Published 04/16/24
Pre-show: SD-card failures The ATP Store is BACK, baby! 👕 Runs until Sunday, 28 April. Don’t wait! Remember members get 15% off! Follow-up: The “unpatchable” M-series exploit Explanatory video Hector Martin found the “chicken bit” ARM Exception Levels DMP Y’all don’t read the show...
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Published 04/11/24