Can't Render, Fog It
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Pre-show: SD-card failures The ATP Store is BACK, baby! 👕 Runs until Sunday, 28 April. Don’t wait! Remember members get 15% off! Follow-up: The “unpatchable” M-series exploit Explanatory video Hector Martin found the “chicken bit” ARM Exception Levels DMP Y’all don’t read the show notes, huh? 😏 LG DualUp Monitor An 🎵 accidental 🎵 rant about the state of podcasting today DAI Would a M3-family chip really have no efficiency cores? (via Matthaus Woolard) Max Tech’s take on “M4 Ultra” rumors Reticle limits NVIDIA GH100 GPU Apple laying off 700+ workers MacRumors Apple 🤝🏻 Shutterstock Reuters Apple’s in-box iPhone “Presto” flashing machine Casey has tried Spatial Personas Upgrade #507: Differently Social Game Room (App Store link) Battleship Gucci (App Store link) Trailer Turok Ask ATP: How does one buy a car? (via Chandler Kent) CarEdge Deal School 3.0 What even is ownership, these days? (via Anonymous) Egghead Software SimCity copy protection (the red image on the right-hand side) Overton Window This article says Catalyst is abandoned; is it? (via Jonathan Sibley) Post-show: Rivian Bluetooth & Fast-Charging Sitrep Members-only ATP Overtime: Apple making robots? 🤖 ImageWriter Sponsored by: Swift Craft: The brand new Swift developers’ conference in the UK, overlooking the sea. Trade Coffee: The best coffee is made at home. Enjoy a free bag of roasted-to-order coffee and $15 off select plans when you join. Computex: The leading international technology exhibition. Become a member for ATP Overtime, ad-free episodes, member specials, and our early-release, unedited “bootleg” feed!
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Published 05/16/24
Published 05/16/24
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