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Follow-up: More on RAM in base-model Macs HomeKit light controls UI Holoplot speakers in the Sphere Festival speakers One last ride for FineWoven? Apple’s May Event 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺: Charger sold separately And no soup stickers for anyone Apple’s commercial hullabaloo Hydraulic Press Channel Federico’s Thunderbolt image Quinn Nelson’s Tandem OLED video Binning Rick Williams’ question Logitech Combo Touch keyboard Apple Pencil Pro box designs Infuse Post-show Neutral: The Cybertruck has landed across the street from Casey Pontiac Aztek Subaru BRAT Members-only ATP Overtime: Apple Silicon in AI servers? MacRumors in April MacRumors in May The Wall Street Journal on May 6 The Wall Street Journal (Apple News+ link) Sponsored by: Squarespace: Save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code ATP. Compiler: An original podcast from Red Hat discussing tech topics big, small, and strange. Become a member for ATP Overtime, ad-free episodes, member specials, and our early-release, unedited “bootleg” feed!
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Published 06/11/24
Pre-show: Marco’s fans Peltier plate Marco’s mount The alternative stronger cooler Cooler only, without charging Follow-up: Snapdragon X actually runs at 45 TOPS (via sciwizam) Justin Long shills for Qualcomm Commercial Snapdragon Computex Keynote Previously, for Intel Apple’s M1 ad...
Published 06/06/24
Published 06/06/24