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New member special: ATP Neutral: Car Shopping Pre-show: Marco is back in the ScanSnap world Raven scanner (defunct) Fujitsu Ricoh ScanSnap iX1600 Follow-up: Apple apologizes for iPad “Crush” ad Charlie Chapman’s 📱💨 AppleCare+ for educational-discounted products (via Carter Sanderson) Extend your AppleCare+ coverage iPad nano-texture glass Arun Maini interviews Ternus & Joswiak 1 2 3 4 Editors’ note: Thanks to Elon’s Big Business Brain™, we now have to link to all the tweets X’s in this whole 🤬 thread, because Twitter X won’t show threads unless you’re logged in. Well done, Elon. Great work. 👏🏻 … 👏🏻 … 👏🏻 Now we’re junking up our show notes because we 💙 our listeners more than we hate him. And we really hate him. iPad Pro Smart Folio angles MKBHD’s reel Smart Folio Keyboard reliability Apple stickers (via Scott) The M4’s “next-generation ML accelerators” (via Wade Tregaskis) NEON M4 Neural Engine: 38 trillion ops/sec vs. M3’s 13 trillion ops/sec Tom’s Hardware M4 with 1 disabled P-core vs. M3 with no disabled P-cores Apple announces new accessibility features Vehicle Motion Cues demo video Shelly Brisbin’s take John’s brief iPad Pro review iPad Pro dissatisfaction Federico Viticci: Why iPadOS Still Doesn’t Get the Basics Right Steve Troughton-Smith: The iPad Pro Manifesto (2024 Edition) John Gruber: The M4 iPad Pros Ask ATP: Will the M4’s new display driver set us up for a 2-external-display computer with M4? (via Rumee Ahmed) Why is there so much discussion about CPU power in iPads but not iPhones? (via Mike Runcieman) Members-only ATP Overtime: Meta wants to be the Microsoft of headsets Meta announcement Meta Quest 🤝 Xbox Post-show: John’s latest remote IT software adventure Sponsored by: DeleteMe: Making it quick, easy, and safe to remove your personal data online. Use code atp at checkout for 20% off. Become a member for ATP Overtime, ad-free episodes, member specials, and our early-release, unedited “bootleg” feed!
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Holly Borla: Swift Language Engineering Manager @holly on Mastodon Ben Cohen: Senior Software Engineering Manager, Swift Team @airspeedswift on Mastodon
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Published 06/12/24
Our WWDC 2024 recap episode. Sponsored by: DeleteMe: DeleteMe makes it quick, easy and safe to remove your personal data online. Trade Coffee: Enjoy 30% off your first month of coffee.
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