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Annabelle & Jeff are trying something new and going back to this week in the year 2004! What's the hot gossip? What's everyone listening to? What's the hot jams? No but really, they go through what the top songs were, a tabloid cover and more but somehow keep going back to Nikki Blonksy and her unexpected career change. 
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Annabelle fills Jeff in on what's been going on at her work, including a rather unfortunate choice of words. They also discuss conservatorships and why your partner better take money if someone offers to pay them to have sex.
Published 12/03/23
Published 12/03/23
Annabelle and Jeff catch up on all things life, including why Annabelle needs to be the new owner of a Jeep Wrangler and why she's currently relating to Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids.. Annabelle also tells a story about how she joked that she wanted money for a hookup but ended up.. paying for...
Published 11/06/23