Published 12/03/23
Annabelle fills Jeff in on what's been going on at her work, including a rather unfortunate choice of words. They also discuss conservatorships and why your partner better take money if someone offers to pay them to have sex.
Published 12/03/23
Annabelle and Jeff catch up on all things life, including why Annabelle needs to be the new owner of a Jeep Wrangler and why she's currently relating to Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids.. Annabelle also tells a story about how she joked that she wanted money for a hookup but ended up.. paying for it herself?
Published 11/06/23
Annabelle is back with Jeff to discuss what's going on in their lives, including Jeff's INSANE radiology malpractice. They wonder how Kim Zolciak was ever a nurse, and why everyone at doctors offices are always monsters. Annabelle also discusses her bar bingo experience with her own personal Ramona Singer.
Published 10/24/23
Annabelle is back with Jeff in the middlle of his..dental emergency. They of course discuss Orange County's very own Vin Diesel (Shannon Beador), as well as some work updates from Annabelle and why Apple Watches are unacceptable. 
Published 09/25/23
Annabelle and Jeff discuss credit cards (and getting denied for a Macy’s card), Spirit Airlines, Annabelle’s sign language skills and some hot flying tips.
Published 08/07/23
Annabelle and Jeff catch up and are mostly fixated on one Natalia Grace! In between talk of the documentry that's truly wild, they discuss their thoughts on the new RHONY, Lana Del Rey working at Waffle House, Annabelle having food posioning at an IHOP and more! 
Published 07/26/23
Annabelle and Jeff attempt to talk about Crappie Lake, but somehow end up in 2006, talking about MTV and Ashley Parker Angel. They also discuss why you should always be dressed in a white t-shirt, Annabelle sneaking into the background of The Big Bang Theory and the iconic Scholastic book fair.
Published 07/12/23
Annabelle and her good friend & author Rachel Swimmer aka Tasha Reign talk about her new book that just came out that's full of juicy stories about what is was like growing up as a rich hot teen in the OC & being on the show "Laguna Beach", her time at the Playboy mansion as a painted girl & her personal relationship with Hef, being a sex worker, what it's like on a movie set & a bunch of random stories in between all of that, like the one where they were almost kicked out of...
Published 06/12/23
WARNING- This is very fast & manic sounding because Annabelle & Ryan Bailey are finally in the same room together in LA as Annabelle prepares for their night out to see a show that's very, very important. In the meantime her & Ryan talk about VPR obviously-but not the way you would think. They talk about vanity license plates, taking photos with celebrities, & other things they can't remember about now!
Published 05/30/23
Annbelle and Jeff are back to talk about the Gwyneth Paltrow of it all! The next American Crime Story, as far as Annabelle is concerned, they dissect the trial that's sweeping the nation (aka just Twitter). They also talk about Wendy William's already cancelled podcast, Jeff's embarassing text message to someone at CrossFit and everything in between.
Published 03/27/23
Annabelle & Jeff are back and discussing the the Scandoval of it all, as well as some of their own personal experiences with the group. They also dive into this week in the year 2004, which includes Mel Gibson, 'Toxic' by Brintey Spears and Agent Cody Banks 2. 
Published 03/12/23
Annabelle & Jeff are trying something new and going back to this week in the year 2004! What's the hot gossip? What's everyone listening to? What's the hot jams? No but really, they go through what the top songs were, a tabloid cover and more but somehow keep going back to Nikki Blonksy and her unexpected career change. 
Published 03/01/23
Annabelle & Jeff are back and giving some life updates (mostly involving Annabelle's doctor) plus talking Rihanna halftime show and everything in between. 
Published 02/18/23
Recorded this before Jeff went on vacation to NJ, Annabelle and Jeff discuss his landlord sabotoging his internet, school running tests, the insanity of Jupiter, FL (and how T.Rav is involved), the unsinkable Molly Brown, Celebrity Fit Club, Shar Jackson and more!
Published 02/03/23
Annabelle tells Ryan the climax of the story of her embarrassing herself with T Rav, but of course in true Annabelle & Ryan fashion it takes 55 minutes to get there. Before that we have plenty of tangents including movie spoilers, Armmie Hammer, sex with fruit, gifts they've given to their ex partners & more.
Published 01/26/23
Annabelle & Ryan Bailey talk about what it was like when Annabelle went over to T Rav's aka Thomas Ravenel's home for an event & how badly she embarrassed herself. Big thank you to Ryan for letting me use this from his Patreon!  Go subscribe to his podcast & Patreon "So Bad it's Good with Ryan Bailey"
Published 01/23/23
Annabelle & Jeff are back for the new year and have lots of opinions on Jen Shahs sentencing! They also discuss Dave Franco's impression of Annabelle, Yellowjackets and Jeff's brothers insane product placing tweets.
Published 01/12/23
Annabelle and Jeff wrap out 2022 by sharing some of their favorite and least favorite things, people, shows and more. Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!
Published 01/01/23
One more Christmas themed episode before the holidays are over (although it of course takes the majority of the episode to get there). We hope everyone has an amazing holiday break, and if you're struggling, alone, or both.. please reach out to either Annabelle or Jeff and they're happy to kiki with you :)
Published 12/23/22
Before eventually getting to the Christmas theme of the episode, Annabelle & Jeff discuss the downfall of dental work, where Rob Kardashian REALLY is, generous tipping, Tila Tequila & Kim Kardashians old photos and more!
Published 12/16/22
Annabelle & Jeff are back with a super long episode to dicuss everything from Annabelle's old apartment building to Casey Anthony's monster father, to Annabelle's viral TikTok and why Jeff's life is in the gutter.
Published 12/08/22
Annabelle is back with Jeff and have lots to catch up on! They discuss Kendall Jenner's horse surrogacy, Annabelle hating lakes/deaths of the Glee cast, Jeff's Mexico trip, celebrity car murderers and more!
Published 11/24/22
Let's pretend it's Disney Channel's "Halloween Town" where it's Halloween everyday so that way this episode isn't late. This was recorded in October & it's an all Halloween themed discussion about "Hocus Pocus 2", overrated candy, which Real Housewife is which horror movie villain & more. Listen to Danny Pelegrino's podcast "Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino" & buy his best selling book "How do I un-remember this? Unfortunately true stories" wherever books are sold!
Published 11/10/22
Annabelle & Jeff reroup after the underwhleming Halloween month, and discuss everthing from Annabelle's connection to the Monster Mash artist, Aubrey O'Day's Solo Partner Halloween costume, Jennifer Beal AND Jessica Beil, Jeff doing competition hip-hip and more!
Published 11/02/22