Chan-Fanning out with Ryan Bailey
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WARNING- This is very fast & manic sounding because Annabelle & Ryan Bailey are finally in the same room together in LA as Annabelle prepares for their night out to see a show that's very, very important. In the meantime her & Ryan talk about VPR obviously-but not the way you would think. They talk about vanity license plates, taking photos with celebrities, & other things they can't remember about now!
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Annabelle fills Jeff in on what's been going on at her work, including a rather unfortunate choice of words. They also discuss conservatorships and why your partner better take money if someone offers to pay them to have sex.
Published 12/03/23
Published 12/03/23
Annabelle and Jeff catch up on all things life, including why Annabelle needs to be the new owner of a Jeep Wrangler and why she's currently relating to Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids.. Annabelle also tells a story about how she joked that she wanted money for a hookup but ended up.. paying for...
Published 11/06/23