Hip Hop Artistry Beyond The Music
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Vickie Remoe is in conversation with Ghanaian hip-hop artist M.anifest. They talk about what it takes to thrive as a hip hop artist when the ecosystem that supports musicians and the music industry's growth across emerging markets on the continent remain in the navy or despite all of the individual success, African artists still have to do all or most of the work to build a sustainable business around their artistry. A lot has changed for African hip hop and Afro beats musicians over the past decade. They're selling out local stages and international arenas. They're signing brand ambassador contracts with banks and telcos and International Development Organisation a mixing of corporate and entertainment in ways that we've never seen before on the continents. Even further still, a small select group of hip hop and Afrobeat artists have broken the glass ceiling once reserved for traditional African music legends like Alpha Blondie, Youssou N'Dour, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo to win that well-coveted world music category in US and European music awards.  The times are changing, thanks to a huge part to the communities of fans that artists have been able to build on their social media platforms. They drive streams and revenue and they help with breaking into new markets. This success is still for a very, very small elite group of artists. Most African artists no matter the genre, never master the crossover equation that allows for continent-wide recognition, global reach, and brand partnerships. To listen to "Confusion" by M.anifest: https://spoti.fi/3jBN5Eb
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