Sex Lives of African Women
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Vickie Remoe is in conversation with an advocate for the sexual liberation of African women, writer, and researcher Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah. They discuss the Sex Lives of African women For most of their lives, African women have been led to believe that men experience more sexual pleasure than women, that there were biological differences that made women want sex less. Society tells us that women are sexually passive and in the media, women are often depicted as the object of sexual desire there for the gratification of men, and never the other way around or rarely. They are made to believe that women just don't want or need sex as men do. This is a very big lie.  However, it has created inequity in who gets pleasure in the bedroom, women's sexual pleasure takes a backseat to men's across the continent. Many women even believe the myth around their own sexual desire. Religion social conditioning and customs promote a Madonna-whore dichotomy where women can either be saints or sluts. Pure virgins or bad and promiscuous. Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah has spent the last 15 years, documenting and dissecting the sex lives of African women to support women as they journey to their pleasure principle in the bedroom. To listen to "Mamie Na Power" by Zainab Sheriff:
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