NOAH CLOTHING: How a Former SUPREME Creative Director and an Interior Designer Built Their Own Menswear World
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In 2002, accomplished SUPREME creative director Brendon Babenzien took his first swing at entrepreneurship and launched NOAH, a menswear brand born at the intersection of nautical living and skate culture. However, despite critical acclaim and downtown cool, the brand barely made it a few seasons before Brendon was forced to put NOAH on the backburner, and resume his role at Supreme. After a decade at the house James Jebbia built, in which he helped take SUPREME from a skate shop in soho to a global brand, Brendon decided it was time to revisit NOAH, and with the help of then new wife Estelle Bailey-Babenzien, he relaunched the brand in 2015 to industry fanfare.In the 8 years since, NOAH has grown slowly and steadily while maintaining the core philosophical commitments that animate Brendon and Estelle. NOAH is a beacon of hope in menswear and fashion, exalting virtuous values like sustainability, quality over quantity, and forward-leaning but timeless designs.On this week's episode of All Angles, we talk to founders Brendon and Estelle, as well as Brand Energy Director Johnny Knapp, to hear the full story of NOAH, and find out how the little shop on the corner of Mulberry street in lower Manhattan became an industry thought leader and global brand.   See for privacy information.
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