Trump dealt massive financial blow with $450M verdict
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Guests: Lisa Rubin, Charles Coleman, Andrea Bernstein, Mikhail Zygar, Rep. Mike Quigley Donald Trump loses big in court. A New York Judge says Trump's fraud "shock(s) the conscience.” The Republican frontrunner hit with crippling financial constraints. Tonight: How a lifetime of fraud finally caught up to Donald Trump. Then, the man leading the Russian resistance to Vladimir Putin dies in a Siberian prison.
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Guests: Olivia Nuzzi, Kristy Greenberg, Diane Kiesel, Phillip Hamilton, David Jolly, Alencia Johnson The full jury is set and there’s three more sleeps before opening statements in the trial of Donald Trump. Tonight: a last ditch effort to delay is denied, a barrage of rulings from the...
Published 04/20/24
Published 04/20/24
Guests: Lisa Rubin, Michelle Goldberg, Charles Coleman, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Secy. Jennifer Granhom Fox News and the criminal defendant go after the jury. Tonight: how the court is dealing with Trump's juror intimidation. Then, a major Republican beef bursts out on the House floor: how the MAGA...
Published 04/19/24