Inside Trump’s courtroom nightmare: ‘He has no power in there’
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Guests: Olivia Nuzzi, Kristy Greenberg, Diane Kiesel, Phillip Hamilton, David Jolly, Alencia Johnson The full jury is set and there’s three more sleeps before opening statements in the trial of Donald Trump. Tonight: a last ditch effort to delay is denied, a barrage of rulings from the courthouse—including which prior bad acts can be used at trial. Then, the historic vote in the House, marking a major defeat for both Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin. And 200 days from Election Day, real evidence that America's re-acquaintance with Donald Trump is going well for President Biden.
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Guests: Lisa Rubin, Suzanne Craig, Charles Coleman, Danny Hakim, Jodi Kantor Defendant Trump declines to take the stand as the defense rests. Tonight: the collapse of Trump's final witness and crucial decisions from the judge about what the jury can decide. Then, the RNC's head of "election...
Published 05/22/24
Published 05/22/24
Guests: Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Melissa Murray, Kristy Greenberg, Phillip Hamilton, Rep. Robert Garcia, Symone Sanders-Townsend, Michael Steele The shocking news about a Supreme Court Justice. Tonight: new concern about the court's credibility. And new calls for Justice Alito to step aside from...
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