Going Deeper with Nousha Salimi
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Nousha Salimi is such a gift for the soul – and skin! Her face oil, The Reset, is a permanent fixture in my cabinet. My friends are always trying to steal a drop because it gives them an instant beauty boost.  Today, she discusses how she integrates cosmetic enhancement with spirituality to help her clients glow from the inside out. She also shares the perfect pantry self-care ritual we can all try at home to give you an instant lift.  Resources: Website: rejuvenatewithnousha.com Instagram: @rejuvenatewithnousha Advertisers + Sponsors: Lit Verified Store: www.shamandurek.com/store Shaman School: www.theshamanschool.com Healing Temple: www.shamandurek.com/healing-temple Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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