How Biology Creates Your Personality Blueprint - with Rodrigo Garcia Platas
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Rodrigo Garcia Platas has facilitated so much change in systematic psychology with his multi-faceted approach to human identity and development. He is a pioneer of information, and I'm so excited for you to learn more about his practice – and yourself – today.  After years as a transformation master coach, Rodrigo became versed in Unani BioTypes: An ancient method of identifying and categorizing the different types of humans. He began applying these principles to his work with great success, diagnosing people's personalities from facial expressions and body language alone.  Today we deep-dive into each biotype's characteristics and explore how they help us construct meaning in our world.  Resources: Workshops into biotypes: Instagram: @rgpdevelopment Soul talk meditation from Advertisers + Sponsors: Shaman School: Lit Verified Store: Healing Temple: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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