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THIS IS MY FIRST MINI EPISODE A mini-episode is a moment for you to take a short break from whatever you are doing. And if you listen carefully, you might find a thought-provoking message or a new idea in those few minutes - which will give you something to ponder upon.An important side note: the mini-episodes are produced to listen to a few times. It's like a treasure box. You open it, you see what lies above, but when you look closer, in this case, listen again, you will discover more. I'm very happy that you have tuned in.  Enjoy! A little outtake:  "This moment happened in a splendid restaurant in December 2020 in Luleå, Sweden, where I was out for dinner with my love - after not having seen the inside of a restaurant for months. Let me take you there..." My dear listeners,  the mini-episodes are created to try something new and I enjoy it a lot. This will not mean, I will not from time to time come up with longer episodes - for sure I will!  Let me know if you like this one.  This also gives me more space to work on my book projects. Yes, there are more than one....  Thank you for your loyalty and for always being there. Lots of love. AnnA  Episode notes: Explanation Mini-Episode 00:00 - 00:40  This happened in a restaurant in Luleå 2020 00:40 - end The Member's Club CHECK IT OUT And: 27th of April at 6 PM CET- live reading with Anna  28th of April at 8 pm (CET) in German - Lesung mit Anna
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