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IMAGINARY LIVES Anna Jelen - The Time Expert · IMAGINARY LIVES - Anna's Monday Blues Rebel Newsletter This is my Monday Blues Rebel Newsletter in Audio Version. If you want to read the newsletter at the same time - feel free to subscribe to the newsletter.On most Mondays, you will get the newsletter per email. And sometimes you will have the audio version as well. A little outtake:  "I hope you are living the life you have chosen for yourself. Remember that you are the creator of your life, and even though you might be 70 years old - you still are. You are the one making decisions. You are the one allowing yourself to say yes or no. You are the one enabling you how to feel. How to react to certain circumstances. If you think that there are others involved in your decision making, which surely are - talk to them. Tell them how you feel.  And try the visualisation ritual. If it helps me, I'm sure it can help you as well."My dear reader and listeners,  I hope you are all doing well. Sending you lots of love.  Take care!  AnnA  The Member's Club CHECK IT OUT
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