Your Authentic Self vs. Adapted Self
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“Being your authentic self might go against what inherently feels good, to get to this much deeper feeling of fulfillment... we are social creatures, we biologically like to fit in... You have to consistently choose to go against your nature and choose your authentic self”
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“My advice is ultimately to get out there and do it. I know it’s scary... but you got this! Just go for it!”
Published 03/19/21
Proficient in Microsoft Word and always has room for dessert
Published 03/10/21
“Part of the reason why we were able to make friends so easily as kids is [for example] because we’re using the same color crayon and we’re sharing it and that’s something we have in common or we both like recess and that’s a common view, but as we develop and become more complex and start really...
Published 02/24/21