“My advice is ultimately to get out there and do it. I know it’s scary... but you got this! Just go for it!”
Published 03/19/21
Proficient in Microsoft Word and always has room for dessert
Published 03/10/21
“Part of the reason why we were able to make friends so easily as kids is [for example] because we’re using the same color crayon and we’re sharing it and that’s something we have in common or we both like recess and that’s a common view, but as we develop and become more complex and start really having our own views and opinions, we start to sort of narrow in on who our tribe is. And the people that we vibe with gets smaller and I don’t think that’s inherently bad... but you can always add...
Published 02/24/21
“Hey Postmates - I’m going to need some pizza and some plan b. Thanks so much.”
Published 02/16/21
Why people cheat, how to get someone back if you cheat, when to give someone a second chance (if you want), and ultimately how to heal and move on.
Published 02/09/21
“People don’t spend as much time on their home. They spend money on things to put in it. But not focusing on their home making them happy... no amount of things are going to make you happy”
Published 02/03/21
“At the very least, make sure you are getting all of the micronutrients and macronutrients and everything that your body needs from food”
Published 01/25/21
“No boundaries leads to resentment. And resentment is POISON. It affects every aspect of your life. And it’s poison only to you, no one else knows what’s going on.”
Published 01/19/21
I talk with one of my best friends about being married in your early 20s, wedding planning, and managing expectations.
Published 01/11/21
Walk through a morning skin care routine with me!
Published 01/04/21
A guide to when seemingly all of your friends are getting engaged. Marriage is great and beautiful, but Happily Ever After doesn’t exist!
Published 12/27/20
“Your time and energy are your most valuable currency and they are non-renewable resources. You have a finite amount. So don’t waste it on people that don’t deserve it.”
Published 12/21/20
“There really needs to be more research on vaginas.. it pisses me off actually... Can we get some more vagina research up in here??”
Published 12/11/20
“Being your authentic self might go against what inherently feels good, to get to this much deeper feeling of fulfillment... we are social creatures, we biologically like to fit in... You have to consistently choose to go against your nature and choose your authentic self”
Published 12/06/20
“We are ABOLISHING our inner food police! BYE BOY! SEE YOU NEVER!!”
Published 11/29/20
“Loneliness is an emotion - just like any of your emotions: just like happiness, sadness, anger, fear... all of these are just emotions triggered by outside stimuli. So loneliness is going to come, and you are going to feel it, and then it’s going to pass. Emotions are like clouds - your natural state is peaceful.”
Published 11/24/20
“Go into social media being like- what is my intention today? Is it to hype others up? To put others down? To make myself feel better? To make others feel worse? ... I want you to live in the light.”
Published 11/22/20
Published 11/22/20
“Normalize moles, normalize eye-bags, normalize wrinkles, normalize freckles!”
Published 11/19/20
“We HAVE to be honest with others and with ourselves, mostly, of ‘what do I want out of this relationship? Out of life? Out of dating? What am I looking for?’... the chill girl mentality has done more damage to dating in our generation than f******s have”
Published 11/19/20