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Published 03/08/24
Published 03/08/24
Nick and I talk about what to do to sell art between now and Father's Day, following economic drivers with your art business, custom artwork strategies, the power in not giving up, and the importance of acquiring new customers.   Links from the show: The Custom Artwork Strategy How to Price Your Artwork 100 True Fans
Published 02/20/24
Nick and I talk about what to do between now and the end of the year, how to set yourself up to be ready in January we talk about the asymmetry of the art business and finish it off with some shiny objecy syndrome discussion.
Published 12/20/23
We start with some conceptual to get our heads in the right space for the season in front of us, then we get into the tactical you can add to your holiday marketing efforts to supercharge things on Instagram
Published 11/10/23
I define the concept, talk about how things evolved to get here, some psychology, I am going to ask whether or not your IG profiles passes the test and then get tactical on how you can put it to use in your art business
Published 11/02/23
How a cork trick helps explain an art business, new customer acquisition and how it applies through the lens of time The Cork Trick Go back and listen to episode #50 How many new customers did you acquire last year? and then also #51 Get buyers to act fast: Tips for setting up your art for impulse purchases
Published 10/16/23
What a restaurant has to do with an art business, how to think about yours, and some mission and vision for the future
Published 09/29/23
We revisit the only metric that matters from an episode past, I will outline what buying questions are, how to turn them into selling conversations generally and then how to knock them out of the park on Instagram specifically If you have never seen this before watch this quick Youtube video to get up to speed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRpAkDpGWWg
Published 09/07/23
Last week I covered the loop, this week I present the tactical guide on how to supercharge it; the who what when where why...  If are asking yourself what the heck is the loop go back one episode first.
Published 08/23/23
I will define the loop, what it is at its core, how to think about it,  and how to use it in different scenarios — both online and offline.  Also... how to super charge it
Published 08/16/23
7 years ago Megh went all in on her art career. Her journey since has seen her surpass the 1mm mark in sales, discover a niche, and cement herself as a brand. This is her story, interview, and question and answer section . For all of the additional assets including the video interveiws go here. If you ever want to join me (Patrick) on a live webinar I run them 3x weekly and would love to meet you and hear your story.  You can register for those here.
Published 08/10/23
So what is the most important metric to watch if you want to grow an art business? Yes of course sales is #1 but you need more than that if you want to make sure your focus — time, energy, and effort is in the right place — and in pod I am going to break down my argument why # of pieces of content created per week is #2. What is it, why its important right now, and how focusing on it will properly align your priorities for growth.
Published 08/04/23
5 years ago a 24 year old kid discovered this very podcast started listening to it, signed up for Art Storefronts and started his art business.  Now he is selling 100k a month of his art.  This is his story and there is so much to learn from him. Watching this interview will leave you with a ton on insights you can use immediately to improve your art or photography business. For all of the resources mentioned in the pod here is the page.
Published 07/28/23
A new way to contemplate your art career, what you should be working on, and reseting your expectations to success. For the latest and greatest  https://linktr.ee/artstorefronts If you ever feel like hanging out live I run a free webinar 3x weekly https://blog.artstorefronts.com/art-business-webinar/
Published 07/19/23
Everybody knows the first and everybody ignores the second. Don't be everybody. This post will cover; What is the 2nd biggest time of the year to sell art, why, and why no artist or photographer can afford to ignore them 👇 This one has a blog post if you prefer reading it https://blog.artstorefronts.com/what-are-the-biggest-art-selling-times-of-the-year    
Published 06/02/23
In this special episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Nick Friend, the visionary CEO of Art Storefronts. Nick shares the evolution of the art industry over the past two decades and discusses how technology and marketing strategies have reshaped the landscape for artists worldwide.From the early days of print-on-demand to the rise of ecommerce and automated print fulfillment, Nick traces the journey that has transformed the artist's role and responsibilities. He provides valuable insights...
Published 05/22/23
In this fun podcast episode, we sit down with Miro Kenarov, one-half of the talented Bulgarian-born artist couple behind the unique Canvas on Clay project. We delve deep into their artistic journey, from their early days in Bulgaria to their inspiring life in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and how their contrasting backgrounds have come together to create an extraordinary fusion of art forms. Miro shares their insights on the creative process behind Canvas on Clay, the importance of maintaining...
Published 05/10/23
Why you want to do this, some context and current events, how to think about your product lineup, and some tactical ways to go about it. Have questions on anything and everything else.  Hit the tree (we keep it properly up to date with the latest and greatest regardless of when you hear this for the first time) https://linktr.ee/artstorefronts
Published 03/09/23
If I asked you how many new customers you acquired in your art business last year would you be able to answer that question? Most artists struggle answering it.   We need to fix that.  In today's episode we are going to deep dive on why the # of new customers you acquire per year might just be the most important metric in your business.  Let me explain why. Interested in learning more about Art Storefronts? We provide everything you need to start, run, and grow a successful art...
Published 03/01/23
Why art shows and fairs are so important, the upsides and downsides of doing them in person, and how you need to think about them tactically to win (no one ever talks about this). Here is the post itself (be sure to checkout images + video examples) https://asf.today/shows
Published 07/28/22
All the latest and greatest can be found here (we are constantly updating this thing) https://linktr.ee/artstorefronts
Published 06/11/22
All the latest and greatest can be found here (we are constantly updating this thing) https://linktr.ee/artstorefronts
Published 06/06/22
Where to go from here? What are the next steps? How can you learn more? All the latest and greatest can be found here (we are constantly updating this thing) https://linktr.ee/artstorefronts
Published 05/02/22
Where to go from here? What are the next steps? How can you learn more? All the latest and greatest can be found here (we are constantly updating this thing) https://linktr.ee/artstorefronts
Published 04/18/22