Creating Consistency in Your Art - Nicholas Wilton
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Description - Showing up in your art practice regularly has all kinds of benefits. But the first step is understanding that it's difficult to do. There is tremendous resistance to making art with any consistency. I’ve always struggled with consistency, but this week I want to share some tips and strategies that have been absolute game-changers for my art practice. Join me as I dive into the topic of consistency, why we need it, and how we can make showing up easier to gain improvement in our art. ================================ LISTEN IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN… Understanding how consistency impacts our art practice [2:39] Four tips for creating consistency in your art [6:48] Using your come from to produce consistency [11:17] Why consistency needs process [25:12] ================================ RESOURCES MENTIONED Pelican Inn:  The War of Art (Book):  ================================= CONNECT WITH NICHOLAS WILTON AND ART2LIFE: Get the Free COLOR TIPS PDF:  Follow the Sunday Art2Life Vlog:  Follow Nicholas Wilton's Art on Instagram:  Follow Art2Life on Instagram:  Subscribe on Youtube:
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