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Description - Meet Adam Rosendahl. He’s the founder of Late Nite Art where he facilitates art experiences by bringing people together from all walks of life. Adam works with teams, organizations, and conferences around the globe to connect people more with themselves and their community through art and music. Join us for a fascinating conversation as we look at Adam’s art journey, the incredible work he’s doing at Late Nite Art, and how he gets his participants to throw away critical mindsets and embrace creative freedom. ================================ LISTEN IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN… Unpacking Adam’s art journey  [2:04] How Adam uses creativity and facilitation to break the relational ice [7:58] Understanding Adam’s process and how he gets participants out of their heads and into their art [17:24] Taking a deep dive into Adam’s art practice [29:33] Exploring the musical side of Late Nite Art [37:34] Bringing Late Nite Art online and the road ahead [43:30] ================================ RESOURCES MENTIONED Power of Hope Camp:  DrawEverywhere Studios:  ================================= CONNECT WITH ADAM ROSENDAHL Website: Instagram: Linkedin: Join the Monthly Drawing and Playlist:   ============================= CONNECT WITH NICHOLAS WILTON AND ART2LIFE:   Get the Free COLOR TIPS PDF:  Follow the Sunday Art2Life Vlog:  Follow Nicholas Wilton's Art on Instagram:  Follow Art2Life on Instagram:  Subscribe on Youtube:
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Published 09/27/23
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