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Are you a social animal or a bit of an introvert? Was lockdown your idea of heaven...or hell? And are you embracing the return to normality, or worrying that you no longer have an excuse to stay at home? In this week's episode, Bev and Marina chat about Socialising which, love it or hate it, is a part of all our lives. Believe it or not, the ladies are very much in agreement on this particular topic - both of them LOVE to socialise. But don't worry, their differences are still apparent; Marina would rather entertain at home whereas Bev's idea of paradise is a sweaty dance floor (at The Roxy in Berry). However you feel about life returning to some degree of normality, Bev and Marina have got you covered. Topics of discussion include what to do if you love socialising but your partner doesn't, how to successfully socialise when your kids are tagging along, and how to make being sociable easier if the thought of it is giving you anxiety. When it comes to making life As Good As It Gets, perhaps socialising is one area of life where the best is yet to come... See for privacy and opt-out information.
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